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Instagram is a great business tool for you to stay in touch with your audience. There are many ways to switch up the content to keep your followers engaged and keep them coming back to your profile for more.

Here are powerful content ideas that will engage your audience on Instagram.


This is the less-curated, genuine version of you. It's important to remember to maintain a professional appearance, however showing a less serious side makes you more relatable to your followers. This makes it easier for people to connect with you on a real level.


  • Office tour
  • Work-in-progress
  • Out-of-office + vacation
  • Outfit of the day

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Post content that showcases what followers can buy from you. Keep in mind that your followers are not interested in pushy, sales ads. They will likely engage at a higher level with a soft sell, personal message.


  • Products and services
  • Announcements
  • Contests
  • Specials or deals
  • Availability

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While demonstrating what you offer is crucial, your followers want to engage with a person. People love putting a face to a name, so getting yourself out there on a visual level, will make you more approachable. 


  • Candid moments
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Social events
  • Client stories

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You are an expert in your field, so why not share a little but of knowledge? Don't give too much away in one post, just sprinkle all little bit of information here. This will keep followers around so they can learn more about you.


  • Blog posts
  • Industry tips and tricks
  • Video tutorial
  • FAQs

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