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My Logo Design Process

As a graphic designer, logo design is one of the hardest things that we do – a big puzzle that needs solving. In ways you are a mind reader trying to design something that the client will love. Over the years, solving the puzzle hasn't gotten any easier. However, developing an internal process to follow has guided me to create beautiful brands.

Here's my go-to logo design process.

1. Discovery 

The client and I meet to discuss their branding needs and I get to run through my list of questions. These questions help me gain knowledge about what the client does, who their audience is, who their competitors are and what vibe they are going for.

2. Concepts

Once I know more about the desired theme and client's industry, I gather reference imagery for inspiration. I like to call this collection of imagery an environmental scan. It provides me with a starting place for drafting concepts. I typically create three concepts presented with one primary logo and two alternate versions. Each concept has different typography, colour and illustration styles. 

3. Review & Refine

Concepts are reviewed with the client and feedback is gathered. Clients are asked to choose their favourite concept to proceed with for the final logo. Sometimes elements from other concepts, like the colour scheme, are carried over with the final pick. The logo is tweaked and submitted for approval until the client is happy.

Overall, this process typically takes six to seven weeks.

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