2849 Petawawa Blvd, Petawawa Ontario

Calligraphy nib pen

I started lettering in summer of 2016 – about two and half years ago. 

My calligraphy style has evolved tremendously. I have expanded my medium from pen and paper only to digital iPad lettering.

Here's a look back on my lettering journey.

August 2016

Modern calligraphy inspirational quote

December 2016

Modern calligraphy alphabet practice

March 2017

Modern calligraphy inspirational quote

 September 2017

Modern calligraphy wedding sign

December 2017

Modern calligraphy christmas graphic

April 2018

Modern calligraphy word with laurel wreath

July 2018

Modern calligraphy place cards

September 2018

Modern calligraphy autumn lettering

November 2018

Modern calligraphy quote

Even though this is cliché, practice really does make perfect. I was not where I wanted to be when I started lettering, but looking back on my progress is truly rewarding.

Feature Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash

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