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A solid marketing plan is always backed up with a well designed website. We recommend building a website with WordPress or Shopify. 

Both platforms are unbreakable when managed by a team of experts. WordPress can become costly, however the sky is the limit when it comes to customization. Shopify is great for ecommerce at a minimum cost or a simple starter site. 

All marketing components listed in this article will be directly connected to your site. That being said, it's essential for your website to be golden.

Website home page mockup for Julabrand Design Co

Website for Julabrand Design Co. by Julabrand Design Co.

Social Media

Do not feel like you need to invest time and energy into several different platforms in order to drive business. Choose two to three platforms to create quality, professional content that engages your followers.

The top three platforms we recommend using are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter are good options as well, however the level of engagement depends on who your audience is. 

Try posting at least three times a week on Facebook and Instagram. Content such as products, announcements, behind-the-scenes and contests are perfect for these platforms. Logging into LinkedIn once a week to check in with your connections and share a blog article is sufficient. LinkedIn is perfect for presenting yourself as a professional expert in your field and networking accordingly. A suggestion is to create a business page on all platforms so your employees can leverage it in their profiles and clients can leave reviews.

iPhone mockup of Julabrand Design Co's Instagram profile

Julabrand Design Co.'s Instagram profile.


There are many email marketing platforms to choose from, however our favourite is MailChimp – it's easy to use and cost-effective.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to content for your email marketing as it goes hand-in-hand with what you are posting on social media. For example, if you've posted a blog post on Instagram, you should feature that in your e-news. If you posted a contest on Facebook, that needs to be included in your e-news as well. 

Learn how to build outstanding email newsletters using the tips in this article.

Along with emails, MailChimp can help with just about anything such as building landing pages for marketing campaigns, automating messages for new subscribers and segmenting users based on their interactions with your content.

iPad mockup of email newsletter for Dana's Epicure

Email design for Dana's Epic Life by Julabrand Design Co. and Design House Pembroke.


Mother Google has a lot to offer, but we believe that the two most important platforms are Google My Business (GMB) and Google Analytics (GA). 

GMB is front-end (accessible to all users), providing contact info, store hours, website url and more to all individuals who enter your business name in Google's search bar. Sounds helpful, doesn't it?

GA is back-end (accessible to you and those who are permitted access), where you can track website analytics to help you see how users interact with your site. Knowing what individuals are clicking on or not looking at can prompt website changes that are valuable when it comes to the on-going success of your business.

Website mockup for Julabrand Design Co.'s Google My Business page.

Google My Business listing for Julabrand Design Co.

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