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Modern Calligraphy Crushes: Volume 1

Browsing through fonts is my idea of shopping – you don’t have to leave your house and sometimes you can get a good bargain ;)

Here are my current modern calligraphy crushes.


Modern calligraphy typography in gold foil

Style: Feminine
Description: Elegance meets modern
Perfect project: Branding

Maison de Fleur

Modern calligraphy typography on wedding stationary

Style: Sophisticated boho
Description: French with a Mediterranean flair
Perfect project: Wedding stationary

La Parisienne

Modern calligraphy typography inspirational quote

Style: Diverse
Description: Edgy but classy
Perfect project: Inspirational quotes

I have SO many calligraphy crushes – it's hard to limit my faves to a list of three. Looks like I will have to keep going with this series. Stay tuned for my every-growing list of typographic beauties!

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