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Are you having trouble setting yourself apart, or figuring out how to use your brand? It's difficult to find your stride sometimes, especially if you are a new business or wanting to take your brand to another level.

Build a quality brand identity. The first step is hiring a professional and staying away from a DIY. It's 100% possible to build a brand identity that's cost-effective. Check out our pre-made branding packages for some options that could work for you. Having a quality brand identity could be your edge against competitors and will most likely help you attract a higher income clientele.

Implement a solid marketing strategy. It's likely one of the best things that you can do for your business. A good strategy defines things like your target audience, marketing tactics and a competitor scan. Plus, it's a helpful resource that will help you manage your marketing for years to come.

Nothing is set in stone with a strategy. As you change, the plan should as well.

Practice consistency with all of your branding efforts. This is will be a game-changer for sure! There are several ways to apply consistency, but here are our top ones:

  • Use the same brand identity for all applications. Having a logo with alternate versions is helpful for various uses.
  • Apply the same colour palette in all branding pieces – physical and online.
  • Post on social media at a frequent rate.
  • Craft all messaging so it speaks to your target market. Always.

It's crucial that everyone involved in creating and managing your brand is on the same page. Otherwise, consistency will likely fall through the cracks.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You do you! Seriously, though. Do not fixate on feeling like others are stepping on your toes. The reality is, every business has competitors – your job is to focus on what sets you apart from the competition. What makes you better? That's what you need to show everyone. 

That said, you should take a look at your competition as you develop your marketing strategy. It’s a smart way to explore opportunities you can leverage to your advantage!

Build a quality brand identity, implement a solid marketing strategy, practice consistency and focus on your uniqueness. You got this!

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