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New year, new logo?

Here’s four signs that your business is ready for a new look this year.

1. Your logo does not speak to your ideal client.

All of your brand messaging and surrounding elements should focus on engaging your primary audience. If the brand style that you are presenting is not relatable to those you would like to attract, those individuals will look to another business that they can relate to.

2. Your logo looks similar to your main competitor’s logo.

If you work in an industry where you have lots of competitors, having a brand that stands out from the crowd could be your edge up. If your logo looks similar to another business offering the same services, potential clients may confuse you for your competitor.

3. Your logo is not compatible with various applications.

A well designed brand should provide options for various uses. If you need business cards, your brand should include a logo variation that suits the card’s size and orientation. If you need signage, your brand should include the appropriate files for a printing company to produce the sign.

4. Your logo looks outdated.

Trends come and go however, a well designed brand should be timeless. If your business is working towards the same goal and attracting the same buyer, you shouldn’t have to rebrand every three years. There’s nothing wrong with improving brand elements or giving your colour scheme an update but good design never goes out of style.

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Photo by STIL on Unsplash

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