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Instagram is one of the top social platforms for business marketing. Most of us use it on a daily basis to engage our followers.

Here are some common mistakes to steer clear from.

The Wrong Size

This sounds like a no-brainer but I see this ALL. THE. TIME. Not only are graphics cropped oddly on the profile page, but they are usually pixelated since the original image is too small. For quick reference, Instagram graphics should be 1080 pixels square and 1080 by 1920 pixels for Instagram stories.

Takeaway Tip: Make sure all graphics are the right size.

Instagram Story Type Feature as a Post Graphic Tool

This technique really does not work from a visual standpoint. Posts should have a distinct look and feel that is recognizably your brand in order to create a stronger presence among your followers. We recommend looking into graphic design platforms, such as Canva, or hiring a designer that can create professional, branded graphics for your profile.

Takeaway Tip: Create professional graphics using the proper software and resources.

Mobile mockup of instagram stories type feature

Irrelevant Hashtags

Use hashtags that align with the post content for relevant engagement. You will see little return on trendy hashtags for more likes, followers and/or comments. To keep things tidy, include hashtags within the caption. 

Takeaway Tip: Develop targeted hashtags that attract a genuine audience.

Stock, Watermarked and Google Imagery 

Stay away from publishing images pulled from Google or screenshots from stock imagery sites. The primary concern is making sure that the creator of the graphic/image is credited or compensated. It's important to value the rights of an artist by not taking advantage of the easy accessibility of their work. We recommend accessing one of the many platforms out there to create professional graphics for promos or holidays. 

Takeaway Tip: Create original graphics and credit artists when repurposing their content. If stock imagery is needed, be sure to pay for what you are using. 

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Low Quality Memes

Keep memes in your Instagram story. Memes have their own distinct look that may negatively impact your brand tone on the profile page. If you feel the need to post a meme in your story, make sure it's relatable to your industry and speaks to your audience.

Takeaway Tip: Maintain a cohesive look with your posts and keep low quality graphics hidden from your profile.

Engaging With Spam

Don't engage with users commenting on your posts with generic statements such as, "keep up the good work" or "have a great day." Your time is better spent replying to users that are genuinely engaged with your content. 

Takeaway Tip: Direct attention on users that may be a potential client, consumer or partner.

Uncategorized Highlights

Avoid dumping all highlights into a general reel. For example, if you are a photographer, it may be appropriate to create categories for different photoshoots you offer – weddings, engagement sessions, newborns, etc. We recommend creating a branded cover graphic for an added professional touch.

Takeaway Tip: Keep highlights up-to-date and organized.

Mobile mockup showcasing instagram highlights on profile page

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Feature Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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