7 Tips for a Brilliant E-Newsletter

Email marketing is a critical piece in your marketing efforts.

It's the perfect way to share what's new, project updates and announcements. Think of your e-news as an appetizer, where each content piece shows a small snippet of information and links to the main course – the website.

Here are some tips on how to approach your e-news.

1. Frequency

Unless you are Apple or Amazon, sending out a monthly e-news is likely sufficient. If you have a special promo or event, sending out a second email within a month is just fine.

2. Branding

Do not plaster your logo all over your email. Subscribers will see who the email is from before opening it in their inbox by reading the subject and by line. Placing your logo at the top of the e-news is perfect for visibility. It doesn't have to be too large but should have contrast with the background.

3. Theme

Decide on an overall theme that will shape the content and imagery. For example, in December it would make sense to focus on gift-giving and the holidays. The main feature for your theme, typically a product or service, should be at the top of your email, under your logo.

4. Sections

Divide your e-news into nice bite-sized pieces that are easy for your subscribers to digest. Most viewers scan content rather than reading every word, so creating a clean layout with definite breaks for each section allows for a positive user experience.

5. Buttons & Links

Every section should have a button or link since they allow subscribers to engage with your e-news rather than scroll through and abandon it. Buttons and links should take users to a page on your website, an interactive branded document or content-filled email to you. Make sure that the language directs users to take action – also known as a call-to-action (CTA). For example, rather than asking users to "reach out if you have questions," it's best to use action words such as, "get started" or "shop now" to guide your subscribers.

6. Social Channels

There is no need to incorporate a social media feed into your e-news. Unless you get paid for people to land on your Instagram profile, it's best to leave social media links in the footer of the email. 

7. Bio

If individuals have subscribed to your e-news, there is a high probability that they already know a little bit about you and your business. Do not dedicate an entire section to talk about you. We recommend having a one-liner at the end of the email accompanied by a nice portrait.

If you're sending out an e-news, 1-2 monthly is sufficient, effectively display your brand, base the content on a theme, divide content into sections, create buttons and links, subtly include social channels and share a quick line about you.

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