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Your website should be the main hub for all of your marketing efforts.

Here are ways to improve your website.

1. Clean Up the Navigation

If you have a "more" item in your primary navigation, you likely have too many pages in the menu. Decide on the top 4-6 pages for the primary navigation. If you have more pages, create a secondary navigation and place it in the footer. It's important to keep the items streamlined in the secondary navigation as well.

2. Remove the Welcome Message Above the Fold

Rather than welcoming users to your site, provide them with 1-2 lines of value. A good place to start is describing what services you offer and how you can help your ideal client. Keep it simple, yet personalized. Remember that you can talk more about what you provide on a services page.

3. Upload a Favicon

A favicon is a tiny visual (12 pixels square) most commonly shown in the browser tab along with the name of the website page. Avoid using the default one that website platforms provide since it's showcasing their brand, not yours. Favicons are also great from an SEO (search engine optimization) perspective. They increase your visibility in browser tabs and bookmarks which enhances the user experience as a result.

4. Scale Back the Logo

It may be tempting to place your logo big, front and centre. However, treat your logo as an element, not a primary focus. This allows prime real estate to be used by elements that will engage your users, such as imagery, video and calls-to-action.

5. Update the Copyright Line

The copyright line is typically found in the footer of your website. It includes info such as the year, business name and site designer/developer. Even though it's not a primary piece of content, it's important to keep the year updated so users know you are still in business. It can often be a red flag if users notice that this line is outdated.

6. Enhance Calls-To-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is typically a button or link that directs users towards the main goal of the site. For example, if the site's goal is to get more inquiries from potential clients, having a "get in touch" button strategically placed throughout the site will drive that goal home. All CTAs should be accompanied by a line or two of text to better guide the user. They should also contrast other elements on the page to provide a higher level of visual hierarchy. 

Improve your website by cleaning up the navigation, providing the audience with a value statement above the fold, uploading a favicon, ensuring your logo is not overpowering, updating your copyright line and enhancing CTAs.

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