5 Things All Small Businesses Can Do in Times of Change

You can still find peace and grow in the wild of changing things.

How are you adjusting to the new normal? We are all going through changes right now but that doesn't mean your business needs to suffer. Now is the time to get creative with your presence.

Here are 5 things all small businesses can do in time of change.

1. Create a sale for your online shop.

Provide incentive for your audience to shop and drive website traffic by hosting a sale. Your sale could align with a holiday or it could be a 'just because' discount.

If you do not have a shop, now is the perfect time to create one – especially if you have a brick and mortar one. Selling online with a platform like Shopify will give you a beautiful aesthetic while being cost effective. No coding skills are required!

2. Take a marketing course.

Brush up on a platform that you use every day to market your business or learn about a social media platform that you've been curious about.

3. Update your social media profiles.

Take a look at all of your social profiles and make sure the info is up-to-date. Most businesses have had to adjust hours and make changes to everyday operations. Since the majority of people rely on social media for information, it's important this information is accurate.

4. Check in with your 2020 goals.

Spend some time looking over what you had planned for the year. You may need to adjust items on the list, but that's okay! If you haven't set goals for the year yet, it's not too late to get them down on paper. It's always rewarding to see how far you've come when the year comes to a close.

5. Schedule your social media posts.

It may be difficult to know what the near future holds for your business but plan out what you do know for the time being. Check out my Essential Social Media Planner workbook to help you.

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