3 Signs You Are Ready for a Rebrand

The time has come for a refresh. You may have been considering it for awhile and now that the year is coming to a close, a new year seems like the perfect time to showcase a brand overhaul.

Here’s three signs that you are ready for a rebrand.

1. You've Grown Up

You have come a long a way since the day you've established your business and your current brand identity just isn't cutting it anymore. Whether you created your logo on your own or purchased a $20 pre-made one off Etsy it's clear that it no longer reflects where you currently are and where you are headed.

As you've grown your audience has shifted, your services have niched, your investment structure has increased. It's all good! As a result, your branding and surrounding elements should focus on engaging your ideal client or buyer. If the brand you are presenting is not relatable to your dream client, it's quite likely that those prospects will look elsewhere.

2. You Look Familiar

This may be a good thing on certain aspects, however you never want to look similar to a direct competitor. If you have many competitors, setting a brand tone that is uniquely yours could be your edge up in a crowd. Sounds like a good opportunity, doesn't it?

That being said, it's crucial that you own your brand. Don't fixate on what others are doing and feeling like everyone is stepping on your toes – especially if they are in a different country and industry. You do you, girl!

3. You're Not Consistent

A solid brand identity will never leave reinventing the wheel every time a new brand element or application is created. You may find yourself changing your colour scheme all the time and never sticking with a true typography system. Not good. 

Demonstrating consistency makes for a recognizable presence with the goal of cultivating authentic engagement with prospects and long-term clients or buyers. This goes hand-in-hand with the development an intentional marketing plan – something to refer to time and time again as you role out content.

While you are searching for a designer to help you with your rebrand journey, it's important to be mindful that your new brand identity supports print AND online applications.

A rebrand is on the horizon if you've outgrown your current look, need more of a visual separation between you and your direct competitor, and are desperate for a cohesive tone.

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